Tasty payments with Visa

The financial literacy area for children, called #TastyPayments, was opened. It will operate during weekends (Saturday and Sunday) at the «Ulichnaya Eda» festivals in September and October. In Visa financial literacy area children can familiarize themselves with the money turnover in a game form: earn in-game money for performing interesting tasks, bring them into the gaming bank and spend in the gaming shop. The elders will check and deepen their knowledge of modern financial instruments and drawing personal budget, while playing an interactive «Financial Football» game.

On the opening day of the festival host Anatol³j Anatolich held the first picnic and public talk on the topic «Children and money: recipes for financial literacy», during which the representatives of Visa, Ulichnaya Eda, «Oschadbank», as well as star guests Dasha Malakhova, television presenter, owner of the Culinary school and restaurant «Kartata Potata» and Vadim Granovsky, the owner of coffee houses called «Coffee in Action» and the international coffee expert as well.

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