Innovations and Future of Technologies

he second Round Table with Visa was held with participation of Samsung and VTB Bank. During the Round Table with Visa, representatives of companies discussed main trends in technologies, their impact on the payment industry and introduction of new payment services and products. They spoke about why consumers are ready to 'say goodbye to passwords' and are open to using the biometric authentication as a more secure and convenient alternative.

The round table also featured presentation of the results of local Visa studies among residents of the Republic of Belarus on the awareness and perception of biometric authentication. The results of the studies show the increased interest of consumers towards new technologies of the biometric authentication that make your life easier. The new types of authentication, such as fingerprint scanning, facial or voice recognition, can make the unblocking of accounts and the authorizing payments much easier and more convenient compared with the traditional passwords and PINs which one may find difficult to type on tiny keyboards, and which are easy to forget and can be stolen. 

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