Communication audit, surveys and analytics

Research of communications is essential for the successful implementation of any project. Understanding of key the company’s messages, as well as identification of effective channels and time of delivery of these messages to each target audience, significantly contribute to the desired result.

Communication audit that we offer includes such research as identification of the main stereotypes of the target audience as to the company, analysis of the company image perception, analysis of the company’s actions in the field of communications, as well as integral study of the strategy and tactics of communication activity.

We also monitor Ukrainian and foreign mass media by keywords, do press clipping on selected topics, perform media audits (determination of optimum information channels) and test customers’ sites followed by provision of recommendations to them.

We believe that the success of any PR campaign depends on the level of awareness of external and internal influence factors. That is why we offer our customers the following comprehensive research: monitoring and analysis of the conditions and prospects for the development of the market of specific products or services in any business area, analysis of media positioning of organizations, companies, brands and spokesmen, analysis of media positioning of the customer’s major competitors client, and analysis of the level and nature of “information efficiency” of separate events.