About us

NobletMedia CIS PR Company was founded in 2004 in Kyiv. Our business developed to meet our customers’ needs; this is why today we are the only PR-network covering the CIS countries.

We provide a full range of professional PR services using both Ukrainian and adapted foreign experience.

Since its establishment, our company has implemented over 1,000 projects in virtually every business field. We have developed dozens of programs and strategies for our customers, held over 300 press conferences, about 60 launches of new products, over 70 trainings and educational events, issued 10 corporate editions.

Non-typical projects implemented jointly with our customers are a feather in our caps. Over the years of work in favor of the customers we have collaborated with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Ministry of Exterior, the State Automobile Inspectorate, the Ministry of Health, regional and local administrations, government executives and many other officials and governmental authorities.

NobletMedia CIS is an affiliate and partner of Edelman – world’s biggest independent PR Company, and member of a range of powerful international organizations.

NobletMedia CIS is a partner of Edelman – world’s biggest independent PR company.